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Our Roots

We are devoted to producing fresh, clean food and drinks that nourish body and soul.  Our juices are cold-pressed every morning and our food is made from scratch every day. We make all of our salad dressings, hummus, kimchi and we even cook our own beans to ensure products that are free from preservatives.  Even the peanut butter and almond butter used in our smoothies is made on site--without any added oils or preservatives.  Our smoothies are handcrafted to order and each one is  packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like yogurt, fruit, whey protein, and fresh spinach and avocado. 



Our Juice

We start pressing our juice at dawn to ensure that each bottle contains a potent blend of nutrients to start you on your day.  In addition to our list of favorite blends, we are constantly developing new products and blends.  You will also find our juices in the refrigerated section of The Fruit Center Marketplace in Hingham, where the same freshness guarantee applies--each juice is pressed and delivered each morning.


our mission