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The Daily Press is a Juice Bar & Cafe located in Cohasset, MA.

We are devoted to producing delicious raw cold-pressed juices, handcrafted smoothies, gourmet salads, sandwiches, and nutritious snacks. We offer comfortable seating for customers who want to lounge as well as fast services for those who are on the go.

We are not fast-food:

And this is why.

We are in the business of nourishment.  Most high-volume restaurants rely on prepackaged, processed food to meet their demand.  A large part of their store layout is devoted to storage, so they can fill it with products that have a long shelf life enabling them to buy in bulk thereby reducing deliveries, stocking labor, and receive materials at a better price point.  Many of the products are prepackaged so they can be warmed in a microwave and served in a turnaround time of several minutes.  We think that as shelf life goes up, nutrition goes down.  Our products are prepared on a daily basis, so the average shelf life of our ingredients is less than 24 hours.

We make things.  

We believe that more simply processed foods are more nutritious; ensuring that vitamins and minerals are delivered to the body in a way that are easily digested making the body feel more energetic.  Our veggie burger, hummus, salad dressings, and even our kimchi are made in small batches on a daily basis so there is no need for preservatives.  


Our juices are cold-pressed, using a Norwalk juicer which is famous for its ability to keep juice cool through its 2-part process; protecting vital nutrients.  We use flash-frozen fruits, creamy yogurts, and homemade nut butters instead of processed syrups or bottled concoctions for our smoothies:  Each smoothie is handcrafted by a skilled technician and contains on average 5 nutrient-dense ingredients. We believe that eating fresh whole foods and drinks are not only delicious and make us feel good; we believe that a diet filled with fresh natural foods can impact your future health.

We are change-makers.

Our work is cut out for us each day; receiving, unpacking, and preparing foods using fresh produce.  Since the average shelf-life of our ingredients is less than 24 hours, we work continuously to create and replenish our products.  Our process is labor intensive but we are inspired by the possibility of change as we work together to ensure that our products are fresh, pure, and raw.


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(781) 261-6099


132 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy Cohasset, MA 02025


M-F 6a–7p
Sa-Su 7a-2p

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try our new Spa salad - White bean, celery, microgreens, and oranges tossed in a chili-lime viniagrette - $7.95