Peanut Butter Blast

We grind our own peanut butter and blend it with 2% organic milk, ice, frozen bananas, and whey protein.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Strawberry Mango Chia

Frozen strawberries and mangoes blended with orange juice, banana, chia seeds, and yogurt.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Mango Madness

Frozen mangoes blended with banana and orange juice.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Cherry Almond

Frozen cherries, chia seed, apple juice, almond butter and yogurt.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Pineapple Basil

Fresh pineapple chunks and basil blended with yogurt, agave, and ice.

Chai Spice Smoothie

Chai spices, almond milk, coconut milk, frozen banana, and almond butter blended with maple syrup.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Coffee Protein Smoothie

Organic cold brew coffee blended with ice, milk, whey protein, and agave.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Blueberry Cream

Frozen blueberries, milk, maca, banana, and almond butter.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Strawberry Dream

Frozen strawberries, organic milk, peanut butter, banana, and yogurt.

Small $5.25 Large $6.25

Super Green Smoothie

Pineapple, spinach, mango, avocado, and coconut water.